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GMB, CGA, MIRM, CMP, CAPS, NAHB Associate of the Year

Beverly Koehn is president and owner of Beverly Koehn & Associates, Inc., a Texas-based new home sales and marketing consulting firm providing strategies and solutions to improve sales performance and enhance customer loyalty. Beverly brings more than 20 years experience in marketing, management and sales training to her programs. She’s more than just a sales trainer and coach - delivering strategies and solutions for:

   • Improved Sales Performance
   • Enhanced Customer Service
   • Total Team Commitment
   • Lasting Customer Loyalty

Her speaking topics include:

Managing the Vigilante Customer:  Cool Headed Solutions to Hot Headed Conflicts

The Art of Effective Negotiations

Passionate Referrals: The New Acre of Diamonds

It’s All About ME:   Marketing the Emotion of Your Homes

Professional Presentations That Sell

PowerPoint Presentations for the Non-Technical Builder and Remodeler

Team Think: The Challenge of Shared Excellence

Branding:   It’s Not Just For Livestock Anymore!

Destination Loyalty:   Taking Customer Service to the Right Level

Setting Yourself Apart:   Providing an Unbeatable Bundle of Services


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